Another saturday night and we ain’t on the road yet…

I think I could make up my own lyrics to this Jimmy Buffet tune that’s playing in my head this morning. 🙂 So, it’s actually Saturday morning and no, we are not on the road, yet. 😦 In an earlier blog, I mentioned how many unexpected things were coming up during our last week here. Thursday and Friday top it all! Nothing was going our way these last two days and unfortunately, or fortunately depending if you believe we were held up a good reason, we have been delayed one day. A few unexpected things that we had to deal with
one of my financial accounts was flagged as frozen by court order (what??). turns out i need to sign an address waiver to release the funds. (whew, that! was a scare).
my exchange server refused to work! i’m dogfooding and of all days, could not access critical mail in my inbox to print and fax back to said financial organization to sort out the freeze. yes, i was in a bit of a panick over this mishap. having to turn in my badge and knowing i was losing my access soon did not help to comfort me with this unfortunate delay. i believe i was up until midnight last night still trying to get in and maintain a connection with my exchange server so i could export my contacts. fortunately, in the end, everything seemed to work. yes, i made sure to do this before today, but, for some reason the files did not make it onto my personal computer. oops. 🙂
finally, after a lot driving around town to complete the last of our errands, the check engine light has come on in the van! this was fixed when i bought the van and is a nuisance to think I have to deal with it, again. argh!
Now, after our gracious host has fed and housed us, we are ready to depart. picture of the van and us departing will come soon, as will my blurb about my exit from MS.
wish us luck! hopefully, i’ll be writing from Oregon next.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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