Mob Madness

Ok, so I work for a prestigous company with super smart, hard working and talented employes from a diverse background and ethnicity.Yesterday we had our annual company meeting and product fair. I was demoing one our products at the product fair and happened to have a booth next to some tables set up to distribute logo’d t-shirts.  I had enough time to look them over and marvel that for the first time, there were women’s sizes available in cool bright colors.  The ladies setting up the tables set up the men’s shirts on one side and the women’s on the other.  They had them arranged neatly and by size.  When the doors opened, I expected to have a lot of traffic by my booth just for proximity to the shirts, but I was completely unprepared for what happened. These people that i thought so civil became like barbarians!
When the doors opened, i watched a flood of people bee-line to the swag.  At first, the ladies were able to ask people what size shirt they wanted and what color.  This did not last long as people started swarming the tables reaching in to blindly grab whatever they could.  Some people had grabbed drinks from tables before heading for the shirts so some put their drinks on my booth and others held their drinks while people began crowding in and carelessly shoving things around spilling drinks and stomping on feet.  I nearly had drinks spilled on my clothes and hardware in the booth. i tried to delicately remove drinks from the surface while grabbing my device and wiggling some room out of the mob.  I could not believe what i was seeing! 
The ladies behind the tables could not control their space let alone the rate at which people were tearing at the shirts.  Instead of being handed a shirt, the ladies started picking up bunches and throwing them into the crowd to let the crowd fight over them. And, fight they did!  I saw people who had grabbed two opposite arms of a long sleeve shirt start a tug of war over the thing!  further, shirts that had beer, wine or other spilled onto them were snagged with equal vehemence.  Once the shirts had disappeared and the crowd calmed down, vultures remained to pick at anything left behind. Seriously, people eyed every box the ladies picked up and were tearing down as if magically more shirts would materialize. 
Never before had I witnessed such unruliness or ever in my life been mobbed!  Didn’t these people have any dignity?  They appeared well clothed to me so why the desperation for these shirts? were they going to sell them or wear them?  the shirts were not that nice, IMO. And, because of the mob, no one understood that there were actually men’s vs. women’s shirts. now i wonder, the day after, what those people are doing with the shirts they fought so hard to attain?

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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1 Response to Mob Madness

  1. Pea says:

    Yeah, people are pretty pathetic. You get a group of people who all make over 100K in a room and they will fight each other for a T-Shirt, pretty lame!

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