Insurance blues

Does anyone ever feel good after talking with their insurance company? 
I’ve been a Nationwide auto policy holder forever and recently have had no end of trouble with them.  First, they added my boyfriend to my policy though he should never have been added and refused to correct their mistake until I escalated to someone in management threatening to cancel my policy.  Some drama there, but, it postpond putting together other policies that as of today are settled.  From auto to home, I left the phone feeling somehow relegated to their sums.  I’d done some research and thought it was best to stay with this company, but now, I want to believe I could have gotten a better deal somewhere else.  Insurance premiums are outrageous, yet a necessity if I want to protect the things I own.  😦  Anyone have a company they deal with that they find suitable or better are happy with?

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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1 Response to Insurance blues

  1. Lisa says:

    I don\’t have any suggestions for your situation with Nationwide, but I can commiserate.  We\’ve had similar problems with our insurance company lately too.  Since we are moving overseas for the next 12-15 months, we contacted our insurance company regarding our home and auto policies to see if they needed to be adjusted in any way while we were gone.  At first they threatened to drop us because we wouldn\’t be in the country to watch over our house and cars garaged there.  Then they said they would insure them but only for one year, then they would drop us.  We are still trying to negotiate with them.  Chris has family ties to the company that date back to the company\’s inception (his grandmother was one of the first employees and a personal friend of the founder, and his aunt has worked at the associated bank for 35 years where she is a Sr. VP!).  He has had auto coverage with them since he learned to drive in the 80\’s and we\’ve had all of our home policies with them since our first house in \’94.  Even with this history, they still threatened to drop us!  I guess we should have just said nothing and continued to pay our premiums.  Our insurance company is PEMCO, one of the most conservative companies around.  They threatened to drop us before when we bought our Miata because they said it was too sporty and beyond their coverage guidelines.  We negotiated with them at that time too and resolved the situation, but I guess that shows how conservative they are as an insurance company. 

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