heading back to seattle

it’s the end of my time here and there are lots of stories.  i have been overwhelmed with what i have learned during my time here.  even my polish came in handy and i found understanding more of the language helped me to understand more of the culture.  everyone was gracious and i thank my hosts for everything!  i know i must have put on lbs from all of the wonderful food served and offered me.  🙂  i was also very fortunate that there was time to see so many special places. i only wish i had been better prepared so i could have taken more photos.  again, i will post pictures once i am back in the states. 
the weather upheld for me and actually was a bit warmer than i had anticipated so i was challenged with cooler clothing, but seemed to manage ok.  the only real disappointment was that i couldn’t attend my friend’s wedding as planned (now i need an excuse to wear those $38 stockings!).  😦  everything worked well, as far as planning, for the trip to bielsko-biala except for my return to Gdansk. turns out, it was not so easy to find good transportation on a sunday.  had i realized this ahead of time, i could have planned an extra day and all would have worked fine.  as it was, i had to forgoe the wedding and spend 3 extra days in wroclaw.  it was ok…my family was awesome and really took great care of me, but i would have liked to make it out and see some things i’d never seen before…like Prague, my family home town of Domaradz, or even beilsko-biala.  still, for staying in wroclaw, i seemed to discover a lot more to that family there, the city and country, and polish old school culture that i might otherwise have missed had any of my ideas turned out.  so, in the end, everything was all about timing….and, though initial plans seemed like things would work, there is something to know about polish transportation and it’s that you should plan more time than you think or you will spend all your time on trains or buses.  🙂
next time i come, i will know better.  🙂
some highlights from this part of the trip:
polish country side
polish golf (apparently a fairly new experience in the area)
mushroom picking
polish zoo (largest and most notable in poland)
polish hospitality (very old school)
Hala Ludowa
maybe a few more stories and definitely the pictures to come…

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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