The past few days in Sweden

First, it was an easy flight, though some delay. I flew Wizz Air, which was great and very inexpensive.  I’m not sure why everyone clapped when we landed, though.  (The last time I had an experience like that I was taking the first flight out from Copenhagen just after September 11.)  Passport control was mildly interesting.  The woman handling my passport, before she saw the Swedish visas in my passport, questioned where I lived in Swedish, I answered in Swedish and she was confused. I smiled. It felt good to feel comfortable with the language here. 🙂
 Jessika and her mom met me at the airport and we stayed in Flen for the night. Jessika is very pregnant, but looked great!  She is due any time, but I think full term puts her at just about or under 2 weeks left. We had an enjoyable evening catching up and hanging out.  The next day we took the train to Stockholm.  Arriving into the city brought a smile to my face. I really do enjoy Stockholm.  After leaving the station, I went on to meet my friend Anna. 
The trains are only 20 SEK, now, so I didn’t have to worry about zone fares.  The last time I stayed with Anna, on my last day and on my way to the central station enroute to the airport, i didn’t have enough change for the fare…i think i was shy 5 kr.   anyway, it was interesting trying to get into the train without full fare.  i didn’t want to take out more money from the bank machine so i played the dumb american and the cashier eventually gave up on me and let me through. 🙂
Anna and I had a nice lunch and later i met up with other friends to go climbing…indoors. 🙂  it amazes me how many climbing gyms there are in stockholm.  the one i went to yesterday had 26m high walls.  it was awesome!  here is a link, if you are curious to see pictures or learn more…  I have always enjoyed climbing at different gyms or places because  the styles are different and I learn a lot. this gym was no different for the experience. a person could get really fit climbing those tall walls!  by the way, in case you are curious, I didn’t lead anything harder than 6a+ on the tall wall.  i did try a 7a+ on TR after leading a 5 something, but i think i would have needed another day to acclimate before trying anything harder or leading at that level.  still, overall, it was a good day.
today, i am headed north to visit some other friends and then back to Gdansk where i will leave shortly after for Wroclaw, Poland.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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