Gdansk and Sopot

yesterday was awesome. sylwia and i went to sopot and spent a lot of time on the beach.  the weather was wonderful and i really miss water like this.  having grown up on Lake Erie, i have always had waves and storms and even though i’m not a fish, i enjoy being by water and miss it when i am not around it.  seattle has water, lake washington and the sound, but you really don’t have a surf unless you travel to the peninsula, several hours away.  speaking of surf, i still need to take a surf lesson if i’m going to be surfing in mexico this winter! i can surf the whitewash, but i want to learn more (and get more brave in the water at the same time!). anyway, i digress. 😉 
after a relaxing day on the beach and walking through the town of sopot and back to central gdansk, we ate at a fairly englishized restaurant called the sphinx.  i couldn’t believe that a meal for 4 with 3 0.5 liter beers cost under 60 zly.  i was especially amazed because browsing the stores in the central showed the clothes and shoes costing easily upwards of 40 zly, often more than 100, which at $3/1 makes for fairly expensive clothes and shoes.  i was expecting it to be different or at least for the food to cost about as much. when i was here in poland last, in yr 2000, it seemed to me that things were much less expensive overall.   sylwia said now that poland is part of the EU, the price of things has gone up. i have read some about today’s polish economy and how it is on the rise.  for me, i can see the difference just comparing my first trip to now.  if this remains true (the economy on the rise) then poland’s future remains bright.  my true barometer will be when i meet up with family in wroclaw.
today we expect another low key day.  we already started with a massage.  🙂  my arm was giving me problems so it was good to have someone do something with them (my body really took a beating from the flights). later we hope to meet up with more friends and then go out later.  tomorrow, i fly up to sweden for a few days, then back to poland (down to southern poland and a true test of my polish skills!).
I’d post pictures but i forgot the adapter to my camera so photos will come later.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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  1. Michael says:

    During my recent visit to Poland I was also pretty suprised by the fact that it\’s so hard to get any deals on clothes. Everything that I tried on would be much cheaper in the US. I think that it\’s due to the conversion rate. The dollar used to buy much more than it does now…

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