Poutine and Canada Day

Yesterday a colleague at work organized a Poutine day in celebration of the up and coming Canada Day.  Having never tried poutine, and since I am dating a Canadian and over time have been learning soo much more than I imagined there was to learn about this neighbor to the north, that I signed up to try it.  I believe Poutine is up there on the list of ‘when in Canada don’t miss…’ along with Tim Horton’s maple doughnuts, which if we make a stop at Tim’s this weekend I may have to try.  At any rate, the organizer encouraged people to attend the Poutine fest and to wear something obviously Canadian.  I signed up to go and invited Mike (who ended up being out of town), but for the latter part of the fest request, I needed some help. 
Since I’m not Canadian I asked Mike for something subtle to wear to which he walked into his closet and pulled out a Trevor Linden jersey and with a wide grin on his face said
‘what could be more subtle than a Trevor Linden jersey?’ 
He stood there for several minutes (with that same wide grin spread across his face) looking at me and holding up the jersey, gesturing it forward as if I were going to respond
‘yes, a Trevor Linden jersey, just what I was thinking!’ 
After a few more quips like ‘you’ll be the Bell of the Ball’ he proudly displayed the jersey in the hall across from where I work when I work at home and went back to his ‘office.’  The jersey remained unmoved for about a week leading up tothe event. 
Yesterday morning, I decided what the heck.  I’ll have a little fun and show off the jersey in support of Canada Day.  Here’s proof I wore the jersey and tried poutine.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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