Life in and around Bellevue is changing too fast :(

Not only are there blocks of holes with cranes everywhere I look, but now when i go out to what used to be familiar places these places have shut down or changed management making them very much not familar anymore. 
perhaps it is that i don’t get out enough, but today just emphasized what I have been experiencing in small doses for some time now.  It was just plain depressing in a way so I share it with you hoping to save you the experience.
I used to enjoy dining at the Yarrow Bay Beach Cafe.  they have this wonderful patio outside next to the lake.  It was a favorite to dine near sunset and enjoy the atmosphere.  I also enjoyed the food and the pricing, not to mention the perk of such a wonderful place honoring the Prime card, which is a kind of benefit to Microsoft Employees.
  Today seemed like just the kind of day to enjoy such an experience.  Mike had never eaten there so this seemed like the perfect choice for dinner.oh, and remember he has a new camera…this meantsunset and sea-side photo opportunities for him.  Yes, it was truly shaping up to be a fun night. 🙂 
Right away I noticed a few things had changed, but nothing that when taken individuallywould amount to a noticeable difference.  Now  that I think about it though, all of these things added up.  The menus were not the same, the service (or was it only the servers) were not of the same caliber i remembered them to be, bread was no longer an option for starters, the food was good, but not great (was the food before really much better?), and finally, the worst of it all, they no longer took the Prime card.  I guess our contract ran out and it was never renewed. 
Now, all in all, not that bad of a deal really…an ok meal with ok service but in a great location. If only I hadn’t been humiliated when asking why they no longer accepted the Prime Card. First, our waitress made an attempt to explain why and then proceeded to holler over several tables toward the register across the way to get the attention of another waitress to help her explain why Prime cards were no longer taken because she, herself, was new  to waitressing at this restaurant and did not fully understand. these two waitress proceeded to over emphasis how Prime was not the same as a Passport diner’s card (even though Passport is on the card, which only confused matters).  They repeated how Prime was just for Microsoft and is no longer accepted. 
By this point the amount of attention we we were getting from all of the nearby tables made the waitresses appear to have bullhorns declaring their right to reject my discount card. There was absolutely no subtelty to their handling of the situation. And for their lack of tact and the combination of small changes that changed the atmosphere too much for me, I refuse to eat at Yarrow Bay again and  advise to you to head there cautiously; or better yet, there remains one place left that although it doesn’t have a waterfront view, it is reliable service, has a good atmosphere and outdoor seating.  You can’t beat the Tap House.  Trusted, Tried and True.  🙂  And, they still take the Prime Card.  🙂

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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