Baking bread, con’t…

This attempt went better than the last, i.e. nothing dropped in the oven, but…this time, the 2nd rise didn’t rise enough.  Also, the taste is a little different than before. 
For the first issue, did I divide the dough too thin and therefore would not get as good of a rise?  or, maybe 30 minutes for the 2nd rise wasn’t enough?  my baguettes sat for 45 minutes but they didn’t rise that much more than at 30 minutes.  It’s the loaves that I am having a hard time getting to rise a nicely. 
Now, the the latter problem. Can yeast affect the taste?  I mean the brand of yeast used.  It may be that I altered the recipe enough that it didn’t turn out as well as the last batch, but I did change the brand of yeast from what i used in the last recipe.

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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  1. John says:

    The brand of yeast could make a difference, as that is what converts the sugar to carbon dioxide for rising, alcohol, and other by products.  Also they can be sensitive to temperature, humidity, drafts, and the quality of food they are given.  There is a certain amount of trial and error involved in learning what the dough feels like to turn out well.

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