New Year’s Resolution decided at last

At 3 months into the year, I have finally realized this year’s New Year’s resolution.  If you were reading my blog site last year, you would know that I don’t do traditional resolutions.  I think it is great if people think of something to focus on during the year to help spark that motivation or desire to attain some goal long strived for…but in many cases New Year’s resolutions are unrealistic and hardly attainable let alone sustainable.  For this reason, I adopted the idea of themes as resolutions. I got the idea from a folk singer Christine Kane who shared her resolution in her newletter last year.  The idea stuck and not long after reading her newletter had I discovered my first themed resolution: Appreciation. 
My idea with Appreciation was that I think I don’t take the time to appreciate the things that happen in my life or around me.  I wanted to be mindful through the year of all of the things I could appreciate about my life and circumstances.  I also wanted to be more vocal about my appreciation for the thoughtfulness of others.  In general, I don’t think people recieve enough appreciation in their daily lives. 
I found last year’s resolution a success so this year I wanted to do something similar but until this weekend, I had no idea what would be most fitting for me.  The theme I found is not unlike last year’s in that I want to bring to consciousness all the moments when I am fortunate/lucky and revel in those moments.  I tend to think I am the most unlucky because when things turn sour for me, they really turn sour and sometimes I let that get to me.  But then, there are times when miraculously wonderful things happen, too. Lately, it seems as if I tend to only notice these extremes.  This year I am going to shift that focus.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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