Balanced choice

For those at MS who haven’t noticed by now, our cafeterias are offering balanced choices.  This week there is a dollar off coupon if you select one of those options. Find the guy in a carrot suit walking around building 117 cafeteria handing out balanced choices handy pocket food icon guides.  These icons are supposed to be used to help identify the balance choice menu options.  Next week we apparently get a free fruit with the purchase of a balanced choice lunch.  The next week we get a free 16 ounce bottle of water with the purchase of a balanced choice lunch.  The only catch is that you need these coupons to get the incentive with your purchase so find the guy walking around promoting it if you want this extra perk.  🙂 he’s not that obvious, in my opinion, and I only noticed him quite on accident.  I do appreciate that our food service is paying more attention to the types of food it is offering us.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete, climbing coach, computer software/technology enthusiast and occasional enjoys baking, cooking and fine wine.
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