World Junior Climbing Championships

Mike and my friend Tyson are both national team coaches heading to Beijing for the World Junior Climbing Championships.  Mike was selected to coach the Canadian Junior National team and Tyson was selected to coach the US Junior National team.  Mike sent out some information where people can track the progress of the Canadian team and their trip.  I’ve included the information here for anyone who’s interested.  I like that he’s already staked a claim as to how many Canadians will make the finals. 🙂  I’m rooting for Sidney McNair of the US team.  Go Sydney!! 

Well, believe it or not people have been requesting one of those online journals that I usually keep when I’m coaching the junior team.

Here’s a link

I’ll try to post photos etc… make sure to also look at the page where I’m sure more photos will be posted.

Feel free to pass this link around if you think you know of other people who might be interested.

I predict 4, maybe 5 canadians in the finals, should be interesting.

Visit the official climbing site at

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Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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