Ian and Darryn’s Wedding

This weekend I attended my first ‘real’ climbers wedding.  I’ve always had a fondness for Smith Rocks as a climbing destination.  This visit, it was a treat for me be there and witness the union of two fairly known and local climbers, Ian Caldwell and Darryn Meade.

The wedding was a simple and intimate wedding holding a strong climbing theme. Their ceremony was held at a scenic overlook facing Smith Rocks, a local climbing area.  Darryn looked absolutely radiant in her white gown.  The officiant, Steve Mrazek, spoke of marriage and the challenges Ian and Darryn might face with a climber’s eloquence; suggesting that like with climbing, progress together could be made quickly at times and at other times appear unmoving.  He concluded that as Darryn and Ian had shown, with climbing, their ability to overcome any challenge, so too in life did he believe their strength together could overcome any life challenges ahead of them.  After Darryn and Ian exchanged vows that included a lifetime commitment ‘to have and to belay’ one another they tied the knot (literally, with two climbing ropes) and were introduced for the first time as the Caldwells. 

The reception was arranged just behind the ceremony point, and folks gathered for a light evening of drinking and feasting.  Ian Yurdin (the best man) toasted the newlyweds with a sidebar acknowledgement to his own appreciation of having met and married his best friend whom like the Caldwells he met at Smith.  After the toast, though the cool chill of evening began to settle, many lingered and I personally found warmth in various conversations (it helped that Ben Moon lent me his sweater, too ).  For entertainment, if socializing with well dressed climbers wasn’t enough then some fun could be found watching the young girls chase the young adult men around the field. 

Overall, this no frills event stayed true to the essence of Darryn and Ian’s union. For me, Smith has always held a bit of a magical essence about it.  Leaving the reception that night was no different. Thanks to everyone who contributed to an enjoyable evening.

About Audrey Sniezek

Audrey Sniezek is a rock climbing athlete and computer software/technology enthusiast.
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