New Year’s Resolution theme: Appreciation

I get these newsletter updates from Christine Kane (you can sign up for these at her website).  She has some really neat things to say and if she comes to your town, I highly recommend seeing her live.  She’s so much fun to listen to.  Anyway, she had this idea of picking a theme for the New Year instead of the typical goal list. 

I’ve been mulling her idea around since I received her mail and have decided I like the theme idea and have picked ‘Appreciation’ as my theme for this year.  I think I can learn to be more appreciative of what I have and what others offer me.  And, more importantly, I don’t think people get enough appreciation for what they do.  So, this year, I’m all about appreciation! 🙂

Here’s what she had to say along with a list of her tour dates

Christine Kane – Live-

Dear Friends,

Happy 2005 to you all!  I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you have avoided making any self-degrading new year’s resolutions.  A few years back I stopped doing the whole resolution/goal thing, and I started picking a single word for the year.  One year, my word was "generosity," and it slowly got me into new habits, like leaving a big tip for the housekeeping person in each and every hotel room before I stumbled out with all my luggage… or paying the toll of the person behind me. (even though for some reason, I always felt like a complete idiot doing that!)   The year I picked "gratitude," I began to notice how each day was stuffed full with little gifts, from the feeling of Atticus’s limp little paw when he’s sleeping, to the gate agent at Delta giving me a window seat in an empty row when I wasn’t feeling well.  Try it!  Pick a new year’s word!  We’ll make a whole new fad…

This weekend I holed up in my house and wrote a bunch and watched Lord of the Rings.  Gandalf puts it perfectly when Frodo is wishing that the ring had never come into his possession.  He says,  "So do I. And so do all who live to see such times.  But that’s not for us to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."  It was a good reminder for me after feeling stricken by many news items of this year, especially the huge shock and sadness from the reports of the earthquakes and tsunamis.  If you are looking to donate some money to relief efforts, two links I recommend are:



Direct Relief International

And lastly, I’m heading up to do two shows in Massachusetts this Friday and Saturday night.  As always, if you know folks anywhere near Fall River, MA (near Providence, RI) or Southboro, MA (near Worcester), please invite them to attend!  These are new venues for me to be performing as a headliner, so I’d love to get all the support I can!
And thanks in advance…

See you sometime in the coming year!  (My schedule is below.)

Many blessings,


*From Rachel…

Happy New Year! Thanks for all those extra Holiday orders that came in…we can only do this because of you.  Christine is still touring like crazy.  Dates will be added to these over time.  As always, you can check the website for more details and the latest dates.  Please come out and bring your friends to support live music. – Rachel

1/7/05 – Fall River, MA  Narrows Center for the Arts 508.324.1926 or
1/8/05 – Southboro, MA Steeple Coffeehouse 508.481.7163 or
1/13/05 – Houston, TX  McGonigel’s Mucky Duck  713.528.5999 or
1/14/05 – Austin, TX  Live Oak Coffeehouse 512.219.9008 or
1/28/05 – Steven’s Point, WI  Clark Place  715.343.1530 or
1/29/05 – Madison, WI  Madison Folk Society (more info to come!)
1/30/05 – Cedarburg, WI  Cedarburg Cultural Center  262.284.9777 or
2/11/05 – Salt Lake City, UT  IAMA (at Social Work Auditorium, Univ. of Utah)
2/25/05 – Chicago, IL The Old Town School of Folk (opening for Karen Casey
3/1/05 – Springfield, MO  Drury University 417.873.7809
3/5/05 – Chicago, IL  The Midnight Special
3/10/05 – Birmingham, AL  The Troubadour Series  205.380.4082 or
3/11/05 – Auburn, AL  Sundilla
4/5/05 – Ojai, CA  Folk Music In Ojai
4/6/05 – Las Vegas, NV  Cagey Concepts (more info to come)
4/15/05 – Winston-Salem, NC  Fiddle & Bow
8/19/05 – Jonesboro, TN  Music on the Square

Christine Kane
P.O. Box 842
Asheville, NC 28802
"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." — Audre Lorde

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